“Building a Community of Nonprofit Communicators”

The Storytellers Network was founded to give nonprofit communicators a space to learn from each other, brag about their successes, vent about their failures, and find like-minded souls.

Together, we hope to build a community.


About Eric Fought

Eric Fought has had the good fortune of being successful on both sides of the microphone.  An award winning broadcast journalist, Eric’s work has been heard on the radio networks of ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, AP, ESPN and UPI.  An accomplished PR and marketing professional, Eric has worked for financial institutions, political campaigns, non-profits and media organizations.  Prior to moving to Nebraska in 2003, Eric ran his own PR and marketing firm in Wisconsin, assisting nonprofit organizations and small businesses with their communications needs.  Since his move westward, Eric has served as the Communications Coordinator for Voices for Children in Nebraska, a statewide child advocacy organization; and most recently, as the Regional Director of Public Affairs for U.S. Navy Recruiting.

In May of 2006, Eric joined the staff of the Democratic National Committee as the Party’s Communications Director in Nebraska. In his current role, he is responsible for all statewide communications activities including media relations, internal communications, event planning, online communications, research and more.

Eric’s previous political experience includes being the campaign manager for two state assembly campaigns in Wisconsin in 1998 and 2000, media consulting with several candidates at the municipal and county level, and volunteer involvement in numerous other races through the years. He is a graduate of the Wisconsin Democratic Leadership Institute (DLI) and Advanced DLI Training. He has served in party leadership positions on the county and congressional district levels.

Eric is a popular workshop presenter on a number of topics including media relations, online communications, event planning, and internal communications. His signature workshop, “Telling Your Story: Effective Media Relations for Nonprofits” was the inspiration for this project.

Through the years, Eric has shown a deep commitment to community service and has served on the boards of several non-profit organizations, including Big Brothers Big Sisters, the American Red Cross and the American Cancer Society. He is an active member of the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) and has served in leadership roles on the national level with the organization. Currently, Eric serves on the leadership team of the Nebraska chapter of PRSA.

Eric resides in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Contact Eric by email: eric@thestorytellersnetwork.com


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